A place within the city to pull aside and rest, reflect and refresh

Supporting meditative and contemplative prayer in the city

What is 'The Refuge in the City?

Quite simply it is a dedicated space for prayer/reflection with an outdoor courtyard view in an office building in the city of Houston, meant to support those who need a quiet place of solitude not far from work,yet are without access to a private space in a church.  



A Refuge in the City came from an inspiration in prayer over the years.  Now as one of two office spaces in a 30 years psychotherapy office remains unused, its founder has discerned the value of offering to those who must work, a place for respite.  Work may mean you labor in whatever ways, paid or as unpaid family caregivers, etc. in such manner as you need solitude to open oneself to God, to still the mind and restless heart.

As a Christian, it is indeed the founder's belief, that any and all good comes from God and that His grace is always with us as He promised (Matt 28:18), yet we need time to pull aside each day and indeed several times a day to recall his presence, to unite ourselves to Him.  

"Come to Me, all you who are weary and find life burdensome,and I will refresh you." 

(Matthew 11:28, New American Bible 1971)

So why not just visit a church, and adoration chapel?  Please do, by all means. 

Yet some due to location at work, or unfamiliarity with a church or parish, have no access to the chapels which given current violence, often have coded doors.   So for the little ones, the hungry, the tired, the lonely, the heavily burdened, a respite is offered, knowing it is for the Lord God to fill as He desires.  For a minimal donation per hour or day, to allow the Refuge to be maintained,  you may schedule time during the day for quiet reflection and solitude.  Reading materials may be brought in, or you may borrow while in the prayer room, the reading materials we have there.

If you schedule in advance, It may be possible to pray with one or two of the lay contemplative associate members one of the liturgy of the hours, or receive some brief guidance on how to begin.

We do ask you have a letter and document from a verifiable source, that you are a sincere seeker, so we may keep those coming assured of respectful time.  This could be from pastor, priest, deacon, spiritual director or Licentherapist, but one that could be contacted to verify its authenticity. 

Hours may be requested by emailing lltsandy@hotmail.com and any letters of support sent to this email as well.


Refuge in the City

Available by appointment in advance only via email

area of the space:

Houston, TX 77024

email: lltsandy@hotmail.com

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